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The competition in 21st century is the competition of the human resource. In a company’s development, whether the company store enough human resource is the key element for the company’s continuous development. The most valuable resource in a company is the human, the human intelligence, not the materials. Although there are different kinds of challenges, human intelligence always help man find the solutions. In all the investments, the investment in human resource is the most worthy.
Our company knew at the beginning that the improvement of the human resource is the source to increase company’s benefits. Although the training will reduce the present income, and increase the present cost, company sees more in that the training will increase the company’s income and reduces the cost, so that the company is willing to carry out different kinds of trainings.

Administrative Management Department is in charge of the organizing the training. The training includes internal training, external training and overseas research. Internal training is that the company’s old employees train the new employees or the posts required training. The internal training includes onsite (position, onsite management) training, and the trainings on QC, courtesy, skills, procedure document, safety, environment protection and the quality.

External training is mainly the management training, internal auditor training, ISO9001, ISO14001 training, meters and equipments correction training etc. Some excellent employees will be sent to abroad for research study. The training system will cover the language and PC training in future. We hope that our employees will improve themselves while making contribution to the company.

The achievements belong to the past. However, without the gained achievements, we may not be able to see the confidence in the future. There is no reason for us to forget the past, and there is no reason for us to lie on the past achievements. We’re quite concern about our future and is full of responsibility. We not only to make the company work well, but also want that each employee in the company gets improvement, the company’s management mechanism improves and most important of all that the OTAX can continue develop well.

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